Training for Employees with no experience in Bakken - Petroleum Safety and Technology Center

Jon Hegre - Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Prospective Employees - Read Below 
-Williston State College - ND


Petroleum Safety and Technology Center

TrainND can give you hands on training

421 22nd Avenue East ( East Industrial Park)

The Petroleum Safety and Technology Center of Excellence provides classroom and hands-on training for oil and gas classes. The facility has 3 classrooms for training along with a high-bay area for large equipment training. The hands-on training site includes an area for the Commercial Drivers License Training Program, Floorhand Training for Service Rigs, Incipient Fire Training, Lease Operator Training and Aerial Lift Training. For more information contact Dennis Knudson at 701-572-2835 or email or Jeremy Mohl at 701-572-2835 or by email at


Well Control for Drillers and Workover Rigs

Well Control training and certification is a necessity for drilling contractors, well servicing companies, consultants, and operators.  Well trained personnel reduce the likelihood of blowouts, minimize lost time and damages caused by well control problems, and generally enhance the overall operational safety. Williston State College has partnered with Petroleum College International (PCI) of Victoria, Texas.  PCI provides quality well control training and is fully accredited.

Basic Well Control will be offered starting on the following dates. The Drilling Course requires 3 1/2 days, the Workover Course 4 1/2 days: 

    No Classes on Sunday. 

    Commercial Drivers License Training Program

    The Commercial Drivers License Program is a three-week, 135 hour course. The training includes: classroom instruction and behind the wheel driving. This program offers the best opportunity to learn by presenting information in hands on situations from behind the wheel and from experienced instructors in the classroom. The course is comprehensive and includes all materials, training aids and preparation to take the state regulated CDL test. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion. The training program is delivered in Minot and Williston, as well as in Bismarck and Dickinson in partnership with TrainND ~ Southwest.  For more information contact Kalli Swanson at 701-857-7598 or 800-322-2614 or email at
    Download the CDL Application.

    Floorhand for Well Servicing Training Program

    This two-week program will prepare individuals for entry level employment on a service rig. The training will provide you with an understanding of petroleum technology and its principles of operation and control. The importance of safety is emphasized as you will learn the day-to-day function as well as technical aspects of service rig operations. In addition, you will complete the program with an understanding of the expectation of a service rig employee. Download the floorhand application.

    Lease Operator Program

    The Lease Operator program is designed to provide technically oriented entry-level employees with the basic knowledge and skills of the production process. Ina addition, equipment operation required to efficiently and safely monitor, trouble shoot and operate oil and natural gas wells in their area of responsibility.

    For more information

    Jeremy Mohl  at 701-572-2835 or by email at or Dennis Knudson at 701-572-2835 or by email at

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